Waterjet Services

Waterjet Cutting Services

We have an Omax 55100 with a cutting area of 53”x98” and an Omax 80x with a cutting area of 6’x13’. Both tables offer taper compensation when cutting and have high powered 40HP pumps. They are capable of cutting almost any material, up to 6” thick. Our 80x has an A-Jet cutting head capable of cutting bevels and countersinks up to 60 degrees while simultaneously accounting for taper control.


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The state-of-the-art software is built for speed. A push of a button automatically finds the fastest tool path for ultimate efficiency. Need a part cut quickly with low tolerances? No problem, we can speed up the machine leaving a rougher edge but can reduce the cost up to 70% of our best cut quality.

Using the Omax waterjet table, we can provide high quality parts, for a very competitive price, with a quick turnaround rate. Give us a call or send us an email for a sample part or a quote and we can show you the benefits of using waterjet cutting technology for your projects.