Waterjet Services

We have an Omax 55100 waterjet cutting table with a cutting area of 53″x98″. The omax is capable of cutting virtually any material of any thickness up to 6″ thick. It comes with state of the art software which can auto-clean imported files to remove double lines, find hidden gaps, and auto-path the cut lines needed which reduces programming time substantially compared to older or cheaper machines. Equipped is a tilt-a-jet cutting head which allows for taper free cutting without slowing down the cutting time. We can control the speed of the nozzle which allows us to cut parts faster when taper/edge quality isnt as critical, or we can slow it down for a very smooth, consistent, taper free cut with tolerances within .005″.

The waterjet is perfect for companies who can not have heat effected areas on cut parts. Whether it be aluminum, tool steel, copper, etc. (the list goes on) the waterjet can cut it without distorting the chemical makeup of the material while maintaining tight tolerances. Plastics, rubbers, wood, and glass can all be difficult to cut with a saw while the waterjet cuts them exactly to size at a speed that surprises many.

Using the Omax waterjet table, we can provide high quality parts, for a very competitive price, with a quick turnaround rate. Give us a call or shoot us an email for a sample part or a quote and we can show you the benefits of using waterjet cutting technology.

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