Field Welding

Much of the work Harvest Valley Specialties fabricates requires field installation. With such a demand for installing new equipment or fixing damaged equipment, HVS has three 110v field welders capable of welding up to 1/2″ stainless steel.

Waterjet Cutting

Harvest Valley Specialties offers waterjet cutting services to the community with the capabilities to create unique custom art, or produce mass manufacturing parts. Equipped with a 55100 Omax waterjet table, HVS can cut virtually any material up to 6″ thick on a 4’x8′ table.


Harvest Valley has been involved in many different industries creating different types of conveyors each being design specific for each company to fit their needs.

Brewery Fabrication

HVS has designed and installed a pneumatic keg rotating system to invert kegs for stacking after being filled with minimal force and repeat-ability. With that there has been sanitary piping, experimental systems, pipe bridges, and other unique needs each brewery has.